Does your company need a solid and dependable Server?

Packetblast sales and maintains solid and dependable servers for your company! We specialize in Windows Servers including File Servers, Print Servers, and Terminal Servers.

File Server: If your company is in the need of sharing and distributing files amongst each other in one central location, then you are in the need of a File Server. You will be able to setup shares for Upper Management and specify which users have access to certain data while keeping other data hidden from them.

Terminal Server: If your business has locations spread out in different locations, then a Terminal Server may be the perfect fit in order to allow remote employees the capability to connect remotely to your server as if they were all in one central location.

*All our servers have a 3 year warranty on all Hardware.

If you are interested in more information on our Custom Servers, please email us at 801.709.0350.