VPN Remote Access

Packetblast has setup VPN’s and Remote Access for many small businesses.  Whether you need the ability to provide your employees secure access to your network from outside the office or if you are needed to network 2 or more networks together, we have the solutions for you!

Remote Access to your Office Computer

Did you know that XP Pro and Windows Server can be configured to give you remote access to your files with no monthly fees?  Many popular software programs have come out recently where you pay the company a monthly fee and they provide you access to your office computer.  However, XP Pro and Windows Server already have the software built in that can do this for no monthly fees.

Connect 2 or more Offices to each other – Site-to-Site VPN Tunnel

Is your small business expanding and needs to add a satellite office?  You can network 2 or more offices together so it appears they are within the same office or network with a Site-to-Site VPN tunnel.    We have depoloyed many of these for different small businesses and would love to help your growing business.

If you are interested in more information on obtaining more information about VPN Remote Access for your business, please call us at 801.709.0350.