Why choose PacketBlast?

PacketBlast’s has been helping companies manage their IT since 2000.  Our services cover a wide variety including Network Management, Server Setup and Configuration, Firewalls and Security, VPN and Remote Access, Technical Assistance, General Troubleshooting, Wireless Networking, Off Site Backups, and much more. We specilize in IT services for small businesses, home offices, and mid-size corporations. Whether you work from your home, small office, or manage at a mid-size corporation, we can help!

Do you offer Monthly Service Contracts?

Yes. At Packetblast many of our customers save money and time by outsourcing their IT department to us. These plans vary on price according to your needs and size of your company and network. Please Call us to Schedule a FREE consultation.

What hours is technical support available for my business?

Technical support is available from 8:00 am – 6:00 pm (with after hours emergency tech support).

How fast is your response time?

At Packetblast we typically handle issues within a few hours, and almost always the same day!  We handle 95% of our support via Secure Remote Connections in order to assist you as promptly as possible.   We prioritize our clients needs and handle them accordingly.  For example, if your server is down, then we drop everything we are doing to get you back up and running.

What types of Servers do you install or work with?

We service Windows Servers. We have knowledge in Novell, FreeBSD, Linux, and other platforms; however we focus mainly on supporting Windows Servers.

Does my Small Business need a monthly plan or hourly plan?

It depends on many factors including how many workstations you have and what services you want to include every month.  For most small businesses that are between 1-10 computers our hourly rates typically are the best solution.   For small businesses that have more than 15 computers, it typically starts to make sense on choosing a monthly service plan but it does vary based on the needs of your company.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call us at 801.709.0350