According to a recent report from Info-Tech Research Group, about two-thirds of companies and small businesses outsource at least a portion of their IT Department.

The top reasons to outsource your IT are:

  • Save Money – most small businesses do not have a need to hire a full-time employee to manage their servers and workstations.  You can save significantly in wages, benefits, and many other factors that come from having an additional employee that on many days will end up sitting around.
  • Save Time and be more Productive – many small businesses have their CEO or employees that are more technical handle their IT.  As a small business owner, you need to focus on your core competencies and outsource your IT to a professional that can handle issues as they arise efficiently and professionally.
  • Fast Emergency Computer Support – when the need arise for Emergency Computer Support, your company can be at a stand still and you lose productivity and ultimately money as every minute goes by.  Outsource your IT Department and you receive many years of experience from the IT Professional as most likely they have seen the problem that you are having with other customers.  You receive fast and prompt solutions in order for your company and employees to keep on running!
  • Specialized IT Services– there are many instances in which you will need to hire an IT Professional to do services that are more technical than your in-house employee can offer.  Some examples of these services are thing as setting up a secure VPN Tunnel, setting up a new domain for your business, installing a firewall, and much more.

There are many services that small businesses try to do on their own that ultimately end up being much more expensive then simply outsourcing their IT.  For example web/email hosting on your own server.  The cost to outsource this is very minimal and you avoid the headaches from maintaining, updating, and keeping your server running 24×7.

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